Arica Daily Routine™

The basic unit of Arica Work is the Daily Routine, which is a practical format that allows us to constantly direct our life with the purpose of attaining the State of Enlightenment for the benefit of all. 

Since this purpose is our Ultimate Goal, and the only one that makes any sense to us as individuals or as social units, we need a routine that can orient our daily activities in such a way as to make them all part of this Ultimate Transcendental purpose. 

The Arica Daily Routine fulfills this goal and is a necessary practice that includes the fundamental exercises of the Arica System. 

This everyday routine of exercise, when maintained as the groundwork for our spiritual life, provides rapid short-term benefits and in the long-term will become an extraordinarily well-tuned practice for attaining spiritual sophistication.

Thus, the Arica Daily Routine provides what is necessary for transforming our daily life energy into alive, spiritual energy. It is divided into morning and evening routines, at the very beginning and the very end of the day, and it is easy to follow. 

You will recognize that your State of Awareness will become stabilized by this routine practice, and it is this attainment that we offer for the benefit of all.

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