Divine Forms Day™

The Divine Forms constitute what in the Pythagorean system are the nine Philosophical Numbers and what in Platonic theology are described as the Pure Forms in the Mind of Superior Intellect, the supreme patterns of all creation. In fact, the Divine Forms are the Transcendental Absolute point of view from the side of Total Reality or God. This is contrasted with the nine obscure and distorted points of view presented in the Enneagram of the Fixations. The Ego–Fixation is a hardened point of attention, preoccupation and care, to which we become extremely sensitive because of the distortion produced by the absence of the corresponding Divine Form. To restore the balance of the lost Divine Forms, we must first dissolve the hardened Ego–Fixations by way of observation, recognition and Katharsis (Gr purification). Then, through entering into the Absolute Mind and with the help of the Primordial Light, it is possible to open and disclose with transcendental, intuitive insight the content and nature of the Divine Forms.

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