Continuous Membership Payment - Gold Membership - Region 2

Continuous Membership Payment - Gold Membership - Region 2

*Voting requirements are as follows:

Two years of continuous membership and completion of all of the trainings listed below.

  • Nine Hypergnostic Systems (participation in an Arica 40-Day Training, Three-Month training, or the 10-month training in Arica, Chile is considered an acceptable substitute for the Nine Hypergnostic Systems).

  • Autodiagnosis (one-day training), Advanced Fixations/Autodiagnosis (two-day training) or participation in a Protoanalysis/Fixations training.

  • Levels of Consciousness (one-day training) or Advanced Levels of Consciousness (two-day training).

  • Doors of Compensation (one day training) or Advanced Doors of Compensation (two-day training).

  • Four Functions of Reality (one-day training) (first presented in 1998).

  • Domains of Consciousness (two-day or ten-day training).

  • Arica Mentations Training (completion of the older Mentations/Deviations training is also acceptable).

  • Alpha Heat Ritual Meditations and Contemplation (new one or original version from the 1970’s is acceptable).

  • Crazy Wisdom Meditations and Contemplation (50-session individual training).

  • The Golden Eye Ritual and Initiation Part One (now called Logomachia, first introduced as Psychomachia) (40-session individual training).

  • The Scarab Meditations (54-session individual training).

  • Telegnostic Guardian Meditation (52-session individual training) or the Immovable Mind Group Practice (one-day training).
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